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Yoga and Hula Hoop Fusion – A Workout

By |August 5th, 2018|Beginner, Fitness, Tutorials|

Hoop Community meet the Yoga Community..... I think you're going to like one another! I have always been a fan of fusion classes. Exercising in different and unique ways is FUN! I would ask myself, "How can belly dancing benefit my hula hooping practice?" Or, "how can yoga benefit my abilities as a hula hooper?" This sequence introduces how we can bring the hula hoop into our yoga or work out routines.  I believe [...]

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How to Choose an LED Hoop That’s Right For You!

By |August 2nd, 2018|Beginner, Most Popular|

How to Choose the Perfect LED Hoop for You! Sooooo . . . you went to a festival and saw LED hoop dance for the first time. . .or maybe you saw a pretty video that has you drooling over the mesmerizing trails of swirling lights. . . and now you can't stop thinking about owning an LED hoop of your own! But which one to choose?!? It can be overwhelming with so many options, [...]

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Why you can’t Hula Hoop

By |July 29th, 2018|Beginner|

...and what you can do about it Images like the above just piss me off. Why? Because they spread misinformation. These stock images (yes, I left it with the stock watermark for a reason) like the one you see above show people trying to hula hoop with hoops that are way to small and not the right size, weight or material for the intended purpose. It would be like Tesla trying to sell a [...]

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